Since we are based in Anchorage, Alaska, shipping may take slightly longer and be more expensive than usual. For our Anchorage friends, we can most likely drop your package off at your house, along with refunding the shipping cost in cash. As for people all over the country (U.S.A.), shipping may take a week to three weeks. If you are an international costumer, shipping can take a week to even a month. If you notice that your package has not arrived in a long time, please contact us in the "Contact Me" section on the home page.


If your slime is sticky, grab the little bag of borax in the care bag. Mix 1/2 a teaspoon into 1/2 a cup of warm water. Start adding a tiny bit at a time, feeling your slime after each time. The amount of activator you put in may vary based on the stickiness of your slime.

If your slime is stiff, Let it sit in a warm room, or somewhere sunny. Adding glycerin and vinegar also works well. The amount of glycerin added to your slime depends on how stiff it is. Glycerin and vinegar is not included in the package.


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