How did we get our Name?!

Funny story- So my sisters and I started this business when we were 11, 9, and 7. It was during the beginning of Covid-19 and we were all home, so we decided to start a slime shop. Names were thrown out all the time, but we couldn't figure out the right wrong for us. One day, I was scrolling the internet, and I had an idea. The most popular slime shop at the time was Kawaii Slime Company. Being the 11 year old that I was, I didn't know what Kawaii meant. I thought that it was just Hawaii, replaced when a 'K'. I thought that was genius, and coming from Alaska, I just added a 'K' to it! I told my sisters about it, and eventually they gave in. That was how Kalaska Slime Shop was born.

There have been multiple times we considered changing it into something more catchy, but it is hard to change the brand of the company YOU grew WITH. Don't get me wrong, Kalaska Slime Shop has changed SOOO much, but we always stick to our roots. We will always and forever be the Sisters of Kalaska SLime Shop.

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